About Flying T Ranch

Flying T Ranch was founded in Southwest Colorado by John and Kathy Tomac in 1993.  The family of John, Kathy, Greg and Eli settled in McElmo Canyon to operate a working farm and ranch after John’s retirement from World Cup Mountain Bike racing. The farm operation included Grass and Alfalfa production, but the Tomac family soon added a small 1 acre vineyard nestled below the infamous landmark, Battlerock.


Sitting on the south side of the Battlerock sandstone formation, the vineyard overlooks McElmo Creek and lush green irrigated hay fields. The cool high desert nights and warm summer days along with the heat gathered by the massive sandstone formation, make it a unique and special place for viticulture.


The vines are like family, each one is cared for like children from sprouts to productive full grown vines.  The plants are pruned in the spring, fertilized with organic material, continuously watered and pruned throughout the growing season and finally netted in the fall. This is followed by the Harvest which is always a family and friends event. Please enjoy this special reserve of Red Wine which is born from the Flying T.